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I founded Pagetrim Book Edit & Design Services in early 2019. My intrinsic motivation was to provide writers and authors the high level of support, dedication and empathy I failed to receive from the editors, formatters and cover designers I hired when I first began publishing my books. I'm a perfectionist and tend to be rather anal with my work. 


I've taken everything I've learned during 21 years of working in the Education industry and 20 years of writing, editing and publishing fiction and non-fiction, and bundled it all right here. 


Like most writers when they start out, long before the days of self-publishing, I jumped through hoops to satisfy the granularity agents and publishing houses expected of hopeful authors, and was only a handful of rejections away from hanging up my Sony Vaio for good.

When self-publishing came along in 2007 and gave the long-established industry a wobble, sick of jumping through hoops, I jumped on the bandwagon instead and self-published my first novel, selling 14,000 copies in its first year. To be fair, my writing was average at best, and I fell within the ranks of depraved talent than patron of the arts. Still, it was eye-opening to the changing times of book publishing and the doors it would ultimately open for authors like me.


My first book launch in 2009

In 2012, while managing an international business and English language college, I completed my qualification in Professional Book Editing, Proofreading & Publishing, complementing my degree in Education. I continued to write fiction and non-fiction books, publishing 7 between 2017 and 2022, one of which reached best-seller status on Amazon in 9 countries. 

I launched Pagetrim in 2019 to empower writers and authors to reach their potential, achieve their career goals and share their voice with the world, offering a personalised service with clear, constant  communication to ensure I meet clients' needs. What sets me apart from other editors and book publishers?


First, unlike many editors out there, I'm also a writer and an experienced self-published author who understands the blood, sweat and tears writers pour into their precious work. Furthermore, I was an English teacher for over a decade and my knowledge of grammar is second to none. I have also taught general and academic writing for all text types; essays, theses, reviews, reports, recounts, articles, emails and letters, fiction and non-fiction storytelling and more.  


Second, I understand the growing pains new authors experience and obstacles they face when their writing is complete. Finishing a book is one thing. Having it professionally edited, formatted and designed is another. But actually getting your work recognised and read is a whole other ball game. It takes time, patience, effort, knowledge and a small sprinkling of luck. Self-publishing the book is relatively easy once you know what essential elements to include like keyword saturation and A+ Content. Marketing strategies such as promo stacking and paid ads require more diligence and attention.  

Pagetrim’s mission is “to nurture talent to achieve literary excellence” and thrives on delivering high-quality writing support with 3 key principles: it must be engaging, easy to follow and accurate.

Writing is more than just a hobby and passion for me; it's the ultimate escapism, akin to reading a good book on a dark winter's day. I can't wait to read yours!


I'm always looking forward to meeting new people, discussing their current projects and sharing a mutual passion for writing and design. Let's connect.

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