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We have had some wonderful experiences working with talented writers and authors from all over the world, learning so much from the content they have shared. It has been our pleasure to contribute in some way to these standouts below, published and available to buy on various platforms. 


By Rachel Ooi


“There’s more to live than we can dream of, when we uncover what we are meant for.”

With the exponential growth of technology, are you struggling to navigate your personal path for a meaningful role? Do you feel intimidated with the idea of the technology singularity? Do you worry about the sustainability of humanity?

This is the tipping point where light can break in, where we can bring hope and innovation for humanity, to narrate the good and growth in Digital Genesis: An AI-enabled Circular Economy that is people-centric, digital-first, and cloud-scaled.


Learn how you can:

  • PIVOT: See AI as your feed for growth and turn your fears into opportunities.

  • GROW: Transform to be your best-self.

  • THRIVE Purposefully: Awaken and unleash your superpowers using the Growth Trinity Framework.

The only way forward is to reframe success and take our territories.

The time is NOW.

Will you be brave? Be #UNSHAKEN!


By Just for Two


If you're fortunate enough to have yourself a fluffy best friend, or maybe you refer to them as your little fur child? 

Whatever type of relationship they are to you...THEY ARE A GINORMOUS PART OF YOUR LIFE NO DOUBT!

So, why not take them on their own special adventures? 

Our ultimate Doggy Date Guide is jam-packed with DOZENS of different doggo friendly date ideas and adventures to experience together! From chillin' on the couch together eating home-baked doggo treats ... (not for you to eat, obvz!). To an extravagant roadtrip away, stopping at every doggo's dream activity, finishing with an overnight stay at a doggo-friendly accommodation. 

This book is guaranteed to grow the bond between you stronger than ever, as well as giving your doggo the best possible life that they could live!

All thanks to YOU!



In this book Bernardo shares his insights into his journey as a married man, in living a lie, in falling in love, out of love, broken hearts, rejection, moving on and living. The world with all its complexities, challenges and uncertainties can sometimes become scary. Having someone to love, feeling loved or someone special that loves you can ease the potential fear, and shift you to feeling powerful. Relationships, whether long-term or monogamous, are becoming questioned due to the pressures of society and lack of communication. The truth is, the world is changing and evolving quickly


Are we afraid to talk about love?

Are we expressing our feelings?

Are couples communicating?

Are many couples living a lie?

Is love, talking about love too much of a private conversation?

The book is aimed at evolving love, through sharing, showing and being love.

By Bernardo Moya


By Cosimo Intermite


Cosimo, world’s #1 Brain Coach has helped thousands of students from “main street” entrepreneurs to top CEOs worldwide thanks to the most advanced learning techniques.

In this book, you’ll learn:

1. “How to build the perfect method” based on your personal characteristics. This will ensure you build confidence in yourself.

2. “How to improve your focus” while studying or working so you can increase and maintain your concentration despite external distractions such as noise, places, electronic devices and people or internal distractions, including anxiety and thoughts.

3. “How to destroy lack of motivation and be stress free” to create the perfect state of mind of a super learner! You’ll destroy all your negative beliefs about your abilities to learn and time management. Right after this phase, you’ll be able to close and finish at least 50% more tasks than ever before. You’ll eliminate procrastination forever.

With a perfect method tailored to you, the best mindset, focus and motivation, you’ll truly become the Genius you’re meant to be.



Object Modeling & Flow Diagramming for Designers explains how to use these complementary methods to create designs that better meet users’ needs and scale more effectively over time.

An object model depicts a system from the structural perspective: as a set of objects, actions, and relationships. The structural perspective is likely less familiar to designers than the task perspective (as reflected in storyboards, journey maps, user stories) but is no less valuable. The structural perspective forces thinking outside of current solutions and has a natural affinity with higher-level constructs in a design system. It also provides the foundation for an effective and consistent system vocabulary.

Flow diagrams illustrate the experience from a task perspective, including the all-important alternative paths users may take to achieve a goal. Strong flow diagramming skills, including the ability to use standard flow diagramming conventions, are critical for designers to work through design problems and communicate design intent to others.

Throughout, this book provides plenty of real-world examples and shows how these two perspectives—structure and flow—work together in the design process. All examples are also available on the book’s companion website

By Heidi P. Adkisson

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