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An advanced edit is a more comprehensive analysis of your work and is arguably one of the most crucial stages in the book publication process. Everything, from language and style to layout and consistency, is addressed, and includes both developmental and structural edits, always mindful of your unique writing style.

Specifically, this service will look at:

- Formatting and layout

- Coherence

- Language consistency 

- Show not tell

- Reported speech

- Speaker clarity 

- Character dialogue 

- Point of view

- Word and line spacing

- Sentence structure and variety

- Paragraph structure

- Word order and choice

- Use of numbers and time 

- Flow and pace 

- Font consistency 

- Redundant words and sentences 

- Verb tense agreement and conjugation

- Eliminating grammar errors

- Spelling and typo errors

- Punctuation errors

- Fact checking

- Content rewriting

- Story development 

- Structural edit

- Formatting

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